Achieving academic proficiency is a worthy goal. Methodology of teaching in MIIRPS aims at achieving academic excellence. Excellence is not merely a goal, but it is a way of life. School paves a place for modern activity oriented methodology of education. Very high quality teaching is assured in Mother India.

Play class provides an excellent platform for the child to understand the world of knowledge. Feather touch care that a mother gives is the modus operandi of the MIIRPS. Universal language, English, finds a very key place in the school.

Teachers invariably use multimedia facilities like CD ROM and Audio Visual Laboratory to convey the latest ideas about the subjects to the students right from the first standard itself.

In case of higher classes, a bit more serious approach is maintained. Debates, group discussions and project works are conducted to create better awareness about the subjects among the students. Special intensive training is given to those students who score low marks in the examinations.

To keep our students attended with latest techniques, we have established modern computer laboratory, well equipped with the necessary infrastructure. Facilities are provided for physical education , art , crafts and computer training. We have laboratories for Physics, chemistry, Biology and Mathematics. Students are encouraged to participate in debates, declamation, contests, creative writing, art and craft exhibitions. Examinations and evaluations are as per CBSE method. Four Formative Assessments and Two Summative Assessments. Re- examination is not allowed on any account.

Classes are conducted by well qualified and efficient faculty. The classrooms are spacious and specially designed furniture is provided in each classroom. Students are admitted after an entrance test and personal interview with parents.School imparts modern, activity oriented methodology of education.